Child Custody and Visitation


Child custody is an area of divorce often rife with emotion and conflict. While some parents strive to work together in coming up with a plan, couples in deep-seated disputes need expert and aggressive advocacy in promoting the best interests of the child. The lawyers at Stern & Edlin Family Law, P.C. explore and pursue all options in protecting the rights of their clients and promoting the best interests of the children.

The emotional toll on children from a divorce and custody dispute can impact all aspects of their lives. In taking a multidisciplinary approach, the attorneys at Stern & Edlin Family Law, P.C. call upon their network of resources that include psychologists and other professionals to promote the best interests of the children. Partnering with other professionals from various disciplines is a sophisticated way for the firm's attorneys to find resolution in complex custody and visitation cases. Simply stated, they focus on the best interests of clients and their children now and long into the future.

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